evilicious (evilicious) wrote,

:+:+:Friends Only:+:+:

I've decided to make my journal "friends only" for the most part. I might unlock it at some point but for now I want it to be private. If you would like to read my journal then leave a comment in this entry and I will most likely add you back.
Thanks :)

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I found you on MySpace, I am Lee. I would like to know more about you, so I ask: may I add you and be added back on your friends list?
Hi Lee, Nice to meet ya. Sure, I'll add you right now :)


14 years ago

Thanks for your positive comment on my pic on hotgoth.net. I don't understand some people are mean and critical for no good reason. All the pictures I see of you look great, love your style. Anyways I'm on livejournal although I don't really use it much at all, it would be cool if you added me to your friends list.

Hiya, sorry about the slow reply. Yeah I agree, I think allot of people on hotgoth can be rather catty about how they choose to rate certain individuals. I just joined a site called myspace.com ...its not a rating site but has many features to contact other users (all for free). You should check it out sometime (if you havent already hehe). Thanks for the complements, I'm truly flattered. *blush*
I'm adding you to my friends list right now! Hope to talk to ya again soon! :)

Re: thanks


14 years ago

Re: thanks


14 years ago

Hi ! Iv seen your pics on fakehair before, and the ones you posted today, just wanted to tell you, you are very very beautifull and wow :) *teleports away* id love to add you too because you seem very interesting, if thats ok ?
Why thank you very much for your kind words. ;) That would be fine by me, I'll add you back as well. BTW, I luv your user icon!
I ran across you in the fakehair community and I added you.

add me?

Sweet, I just added you back :)

Deleted comment

Aww why thank you very much for the compliment! You my dear are a very hot girl too! hehe. (Luv your user icon.)
I'm adding you right now. :)
Hi there I followed you over from HG , wanted to say hiyas , i see your friends only .. id like to read if you dont mind me poking around :) you seem like you would be an interesting person to read about :) im Morbid_Butterfly on HG ( pretty new to it lol
Hi, nice to meet ya :)
Of course I dont mind at all. I'll add ya right now...but I warn you most of my entires are pretty boring hehe. ttyl ;)
Hi! I saw you on My Space and I was wondering if I could add you to my friends list?
Hey how are ya! Sure, I'll add ya :)
Hey sweetie. It's Illusia from hotgoth. Add me? Pwease?? lol
Hey sweety! Of course I'll add you!:)
Hello :)
Mind if I add you? ;)
Nope I dont mind at all. Ill add you as well :)
I added you :) im celeste
17 year old and hmm if you want to know more about me this is my website

Thanx for adding me, I'll add you back. Great website by the way! I like the colors and layout allot ;)
hey i found your lj through the buffalo goth message board so i thought id check it out. wanna be friends?
Of course! I live in Buffalo as well, nice to meet ya :) BTW, Luv the pictures on your journal, youre so cute and red hair really works for you! :)


13 years ago

Hi hun... I have seen you on my myspace friends list so I just thought a would add ya ^_^...

Add me back?

Hey girly :)
Thanks for adding me. Of course I'll add you back. Nice icon hehe ;)
hey we have some mutual friends. I'm looking for new people for my list, so it just makes sence to add you. I'm gonna, hope you do the same ;) See ya round LJ land
Hey Squee,
Yeah we do have quite a few mutual friends! I've seen you at allot of Newts parties but I don't think we were ever really introduced. I'm sure I'll see you out and about town. :)
Hey Hey, it's Chris, talked with you for a bit at the Cont. the other night after Distillers. Remembered the LJ, so I added ya, heh.
Hey Chris! How are ya? Hope all is well, ttyl :)
hey, i came across your lj through ebay of all things...and look, we have common interests and even a common friend on our friends list. it's a small world or something..would it be ok to add you to my list o'people?
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