evilicious (evilicious) wrote,

:+:+:Friends Only:+:+:

I've decided to make my journal "friends only" for the most part. I might unlock it at some point but for now I want it to be private. If you would like to read my journal then leave a comment in this entry and I will most likely add you back.
Thanks :)

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hey i found your lj through the buffalo goth message board so i thought id check it out. wanna be friends?
Of course! I live in Buffalo as well, nice to meet ya :) BTW, Luv the pictures on your journal, youre so cute and red hair really works for you! :)


13 years ago

Hi hun... I have seen you on my myspace friends list so I just thought a would add ya ^_^...

Add me back?

Hey girly :)
Thanks for adding me. Of course I'll add you back. Nice icon hehe ;)
hey we have some mutual friends. I'm looking for new people for my list, so it just makes sence to add you. I'm gonna, hope you do the same ;) See ya round LJ land
Hey Squee,
Yeah we do have quite a few mutual friends! I've seen you at allot of Newts parties but I don't think we were ever really introduced. I'm sure I'll see you out and about town. :)
Hey Hey, it's Chris, talked with you for a bit at the Cont. the other night after Distillers. Remembered the LJ, so I added ya, heh.
Hey Chris! How are ya? Hope all is well, ttyl :)
hey, i came across your lj through ebay of all things...and look, we have common interests and even a common friend on our friends list. it's a small world or something..would it be ok to add you to my list o'people?
Hey, I found you through your website & you seem like an interesting girl. Wanna be friends? If you add me, I'll add you back! :D
Thanks for the link on your fashion page (plastikwrap)
would love to know more.. add me !
no problem, plastiwrap clothing is hot! sorry it took so long for me to get back to ya, for some reason I never received this post. anyway i'll add you to my list. :)

ps. great icon.
I saw you on myspace and I was like, well, I have a livejournal too. So I decided to add you. Add me back?
Hey,I'm new to LJ mind if I add you?
no i dont mind at all, I'll add you back. Welcome to LJ! :)


12 years ago


12 years ago

hey there....

wouldn't mind reading some of your journals... i am fairly new to this site and looking to make interesting new friends... it would be fabulous if you'd add me back so i could check out your journals... feel free to read my posted drivel if you are bored haha.

hi! nice to meet ya and welcome to LJ! I'll add you right now. :)

Re: hello...


12 years ago

Hi, was looking at some Buffalo journals out of boredom and came across yours, would you mind if I added you?
Hello, No of course not, I'll add you back. :)


12 years ago

Hiya there doll, just to let you know I added you to my list, so if you wanna add me back, cool! :-) ~ Jill
Hey Jilly, I didnt even know you had a livejournal! Of course I'll add you back! Oh and sorry we didnt make it to your birthday party. But I hope you had a wonderful birthday and got lots of presents hehe :)
ok, added. :)
Hi...mind if i add you?
no i dont mind at all! *wink*
hey I added you :)
Hey girl how are you?? Long time no see. I hope you had a fabulous holiday. Coming out to the Cont anytime soon??
Oh evil one, grant me, thy humble adoring servant entry and I shall at some point when Brianna introduces us, by the a drink at the Cont.

Forever yours,
One Dark hearted fool
Ello, I added ya. Don't forget to come over and introduce yourself to me at the Cont. :)
Hey freak, So i got this LJ thing locked down, Your site is kick ass, I hope i am worthy enoughe to read your journal.
hey trucker! sup? of course youre worthy to read my journal haha, but i'll warn you, its pretty boring. :/

Re: Trukstop


12 years ago

Your layout, your pictures simply attracted me. I wonder if I have the pleasure to explore what's beneath it... I am very interested.
thank you very much! i havent posted in a while but hopfully i get some time to do so soon. thanks for the add :)
Confess my sin...
How bout this..
Im in love with your gas mask...

*puts on his modded gas mask*

Lets run around and cause havok!
Can I be added.. lol

Were friends on there :p
Aww thanks so much! Gas masks are so much fun. *evil grin*
Of course I will added you, looking foward to reading yours as well. ;)
I was sincerly hoping to learn more about you through this medium (as you had said it was a good idea on your Myspace account) and unfourtunetly I find it locked to friends only. So..., hopefully someday I'll become a part of that illustrious group, until then, I hope all is well, and I guess I'll try to learn about you through conversation.

Hello. :)

This is Bo from Toronto. Chatted with Brian today so I am making the sweep to both of your profiles and requesting friendship. :)


May 15 2006, 02:54:34 UTC 11 years ago

Hi Bo,
Nice to meet you! I saw the chat...nice, very nice! ;)
My LJ is pretty boring since I only update once in a blue moon but I blog sometimes on myspace. TTYL


11 years ago

Hey hun I found you off of myspace! Hope you don't mind the add!
hey i am trina's friend. i knew you a long time ago, i am friend's with toni. we went to busch gardens. anyway. what up.

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